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21 Wiesenstraße
Düsseldorf, NRW, 40549

+49 (211) 41741513

 BIGinSports versteht sich als Schnittstelle zwischen Unternehmen, die sich nachhaltig und effizient im Sport engagieren wollen und Sportlern, Sportvereinen und Sportverbänden, die einen wirkungsvollen Unternehmenspartner suchen. BIGinSports bietet außerdem Profisportlern die Möglichkeit, ganzheitlich und nachhaltig, betreut zu werden.


About us


Sports sponsoring is a steadily growing market. The worldwide sales volume in sports sponsorship has been steadily growing since 2006. Recent studies have shown that those numbers will be even stronger in the future.

There are always new sports coming up, which grow out of the massive pool of sports worldwide and gain a larger interest throughout the market. For example, soccer and its leagues in North America. A professional league system was virtually nonexistent in 1994. Since then Major League Soccer has grown to an annual turnover of 280 million US dollars. Large international companies are active sponsors of the league and its teams. Major League Soccer (MLS) has recently outgrown other sports in their average attendance rate and is now ranked number three regarding the attendance per game with the numbers still growing and the league expanding to 22 teams by 2020.

This is similar to basketball in Germany: in 1994, Basketball Bundesliga games were often held in school gyms and there was virtually no media coverage. Since then the league has grown and most teams are now playing their games in large state-of-the-art arenas with several thousand seats and the BBL is covered live on free and pay TV.

There are, however, several other sports, that are growing nationally and internationally, and are developing new markets, turnovers and audiences year by year.
On the other hand, there are new sports being developed every day.

BIGinSports identifies and understands itself in functioning as an interface between enterprises, companies who already engage efficiently in sports or are planning to engage with professional athletes, professional teams, youth clubs and sports federations, who are currently looking for an effective and productive business partner.

We are BIGinSports – Oliver D. Reinehr and Patric Hoch. 


Oliver D. Reinehr- CEO, Director of Marketing and PR is an authorized sports consultant of the national sports federation North Rhine Westphalia and club manager of the German Olympic Sports federation. He possesses a wealth knowledge and qualification key to BIGinSports marketing and public relations segments.

His experience includes honorary activities and engagements as a sports director and general manager.
Reinehr is also a lecturer and professional speaker within the sports management and marketing industry.
During his active days as an athlete and coach he was primarily involved in the Baseball Bundesliga.

Patric Hoch- CEO, Director of Athletes Management and Managing Director of Hockey and Soccer Operations, DFB, KNVB, DEL, DBB and PHPA Agent,
is a graduate from the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf where he majored in sports management and media relations. His valuable knowledge and specialized background are key components to the success of BIGinSports.
As a former marketing manager of several companies and professional clubs he knows his field of expertise inside out.
He has been involved as an athlete in european handball, basketball, american football, soccer, hockey and baseball.
International experience has allowed him to gain a deeper knowledge about sports and management. This has also enabled him expand his network within professional sports.
Officially licensed by the DEL, DFB and PHPA as an agent he his responsible for hockey, and soccer.
He also lends support to the basketball branch as an officially licensed Beko BBL and DBB Agent in Germany.
Hoch is also a registered agent with the MLS Players Union.

Thorsten Licht- Assistant Director of Hockey Player Management and Hockey Operations, Scout Junior Hockey has a vast Network in european hockey, which he did build as a former General Manager in german Pro Hockey. His connections into german and european Junior Hockey are a very important asset for BIGinSports hockey operations. 

Sylvain Halle- Assistant Director of Hockey Player Management, Hockey Scout/Recruiter Canada is a seasoned communications professional . With his vast network and knowledge of north american Pro and Junior Hockey Sylvain is an important part of BIGinSports philosophy to recruit and look after their athletes in north america.

Lars Thiele- Assistant Director of Golf Operations is a G1 Golfprofessional PGA of Germany, as well as an A-licensed DOSB coach, GV NRW coach and TPI Certified Level 2 coach. He is an important asset for BIGinSports in consulting, managing and coaching Golfers. His extensive knowledge of the sport and is international network enables BIGinSports to work in Golf according to our philosophy.

Drew Bradley- Projectmanager Asia and Oceania is well connected throughout Asia and Oceania. The knowledge and experience he acquired through his career as a consultant are of great importance for BIGinSports to maintain and develop connections to the ever growing asian and oceanic market.

Dennis Mims- Assistant Director of Basketball Operations is a former top tier professional basketball player and currently plays and coaches in NRW, Germany. He hails from Virginia Tech., N. Carolina, USA, (NCAA D1) and enjoyed an extensive, international career playing in Europe, China and Turkey. With his in depth knowledge of the sport and having developed a vast international network of contacts, he is a valuable asset to BIGinSports.