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21 Wiesenstraße
Düsseldorf, NRW, 40549

+49 (211) 41741513

 BIGinSports versteht sich als Schnittstelle zwischen Unternehmen, die sich nachhaltig und effizient im Sport engagieren wollen und Sportlern, Sportvereinen und Sportverbänden, die einen wirkungsvollen Unternehmenspartner suchen. BIGinSports bietet außerdem Profisportlern die Möglichkeit, ganzheitlich und nachhaltig, betreut zu werden.




BIGinSports is official licensed by the German Ice Hockey League DEL, licensed by the German Soccer Federation DFB, licensed by the dutch soccer federation KNVB, licensed by the International Basketball Federation FIBA , the German Basketball Federation DBB, the BEKO BBL. BIGinSports is also licensed by the PHPA North America.
Other extensive consulting networks in baseball, golf and american football are currently in expansion.

BIGinSports focus is the professional support of our clients before, during, and after their careers.
Our priority is to consult our clients in all sports-business related matters and most importantly in a comprehensive and long lasting career and relationship.
That way our clients have their vision and focus on their performance as a professional athlete.
The career after the career as well as the career before the career stands in a special focus for us with our clients.

BIGinSports and our exclusive network of partners is always available to all our clients, starting early at a young age on to the time after the career.

Our team of advisors and consultants all internalize the same philosophy:
We work for people with people to achieve the maximum. We see our clients not just as bare investment or even product, but as a personality which they are. More importantly as members of the BIGinSports family.
For that reason, each of our consultants only has a restricted number of clients in his portfolio to keep and maintain a personal relationship.
No matter what level of competition of professional leagues, we are always available for your clients. All of our clients are gasped in every phase of their career individually. Each one is analyzed and administered.


BIGinSports not only supports active pro athletes but also consults and represents professional coaches of almost every sport out there.
Our coaches also live and share our philosophy and lastingness. It is always very important to them that their athletes are also successful of the court or field and do not lose sight of their future.
Most importantly to us and our clients is the overall picture surrounding the current situation of the particular individual, and therefore even a higher priority to keep all our clients informed and involved in certain situations regarding their status.

Every consultation is different as every person is different in a unique way. Therefore we adapt into their situation and stage and work individually towards the highest peak of their career with lasting effects.